After years of working in family and community partnerships through social service programs and nonprofit organizations, Lisa Mills sensed that something new was on her professional horizon. Not knowing what that could be she took some time away from her then current position in order to figure it out. It was during this time that Lisa had the accidental privilege of standing on stage at a women’s conference where she was given the last-minute charge to “make people fall out of their seats laughing.”

That event changed everything! For Lisa, it marked the beginning of being on the road and building a successful full-time comedy career and speaking business from the ground up. An accomplishment she credits to that one moment of insane courage years ago, while standing on that stage telling jokes and sharing hope with those amazing women.

Regularly asked how she comes up with laugh out loud material, Lisa responds, “Plain and simple, there is enough laughter in everyday life to keep us all in stitches if we will just look for it!” Lisa’s unique blend of slightly skewed, southern-spun humor appeals to a variety of audiences. Convinced that there are more things that unite us than separate us, she brings all types of people together through laughter. Lisa’s hilarious authenticity makes her a definite dynamo to any program.

Lisa is an award-winning comedian, motivational speaker, actor, and author. Her acting debut was working alongside network television’s favorite military gal, Catherine Bell on the Lifetime Channel’s hit show, Army Wives. As an in-demand keynote speaker, she is known for her message of Transforming Ordinary Into Extraordinary. Her always funny, laser-sharp wit has been featured on the Lifetime Network, NOW Network, Impact Network, Netflix, the Dove Channel, and iHeart Radio. She can be seen headlining venues around the country while touring and promoting her latest book, Lord Did I Really Shave My Legs For This?

Lisa Mills resides just outside the city of Atlanta with her awesome husband and two amazing sons.

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