Booking Details

So, you've got questions? Well, we've got answers! If you don't see what you're looking for, please use the "Get In Touch" feature listed under the Contact tab above.

1. What is Lisa's booking process?

Thank you for asking. There are basically three stages of the booking process. Please let us know if you have a question or concern about any stage.

  • Once Lisa's office receives your initial "Inquiry" (which can be conveniently submitted from this site using the "Book Now" form under the Contact tab) she will contact you personally, to ensure that your date is still available. Dates go fast and her calendar changes frequently. *Please note that submitting this inquiry in no way obligates either party.
  • After speaking with Lisa, your date is in a "Hold" status until a written agreement has been reached. It is our policy to receive an industry-standard 50% deposit when the signed agreement is returned. If this policy presents an issue for your organization, please inform our office and we will try our best to work with you. *If another booking inquiry is received for the same date, and Lisa has yet to receive your deposit, our office will courtesy contact you. If the deposit is not received immediately, the date is then released to the other party.
  • Once the signed agreement and deposit have been received, your status is now "Confirmed" and the date is all yours!

2. What are Lisa's requirements?

Lisa is the most no-frills, down-to-earth speaker that you will ever work with. Seriously, just ask her clients. It's what they LOVE about her! Don't get me wrong, there is plenty of excitement and pizzazz. It's just that Lisa does not possess whatever gene causes "celebrity/diva" behavior. Any requirements that Lisa has are strictly for the benefit of YOU getting the best return possible from your investment. Having worked countless events and seen many things go wrong, Lisa has compiled a list of things to consider when booking.

  • Stage - A raised platform will ensure that all of your attendees have a clear view. Although your event space seems large enough now, once the room is filled with people it will look much different than when you were planning. No one likes to shift constantly, or move around the person in front of them to see the speaker. *Also, please provide a stool on stage for Lisa to place any items that she may have with her during the presentation. 
  • Lighting - Every stage needs lighting. And while spotlights are not always the answer, there does need to be some type of lighting on stage. Creating an atmosphere with dim lighting is perfect for the audience for many events, but not usually for the speaker. Dim lighting allows your audience an atmosphere to laugh freely and react to the presentation, but they will also need the stage properly lit as to not have to strain or squint to see what's happening up there.
  • Sound - We have yet to be in an event room that did not benefit from having a microphone. If your venue is larger than a conference room, a microphone will be needed. If it's smaller, then that means we are meeting in a broom closet and we may need to rethink a few things. Additionally, you want to be mindful of your attendees who may be hard of hearing. Lisa uses a cordless, handheld microphone. Please provide one that has been adequately sound checked.
  • Audio/Visual - Lisa does not use PowerPoint unless otherwise noted in the agreement. She will provide you with a "walk-out" slide that should be cued during her introduction and will remain up during her entire presentation.
  • Product - Please designate a high traffic area with table accompaniment (skirted) for Lisa to sell only product that is provided or produced by her. Please provide one capable volunteer to assist with sales and packing. 
  • Itinerary - If you are booking Lisa during an event that will include a meal, please schedule her portion to begin before or afterwards but not during. When a meal is being served, people are moving around and plates are clanking. This makes it very difficult to hear or pay attention to what is happening on stage. It has been her experience that this time slot is best used for music or door prizes. Additionally, humor needs two people for it to be successful. It needs the person delivering the humor and also, someone to deliver the laughter. It is difficult for people to chew, swallow, and laugh all at the same time. Not to mention, a little dangerous. We've never read an event comment card that indicated the Heimlich Maneuver was their favorite part of the show.
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