So, you're the lucky one who has been tasked with booking a motivational speaker to deliver the keynote. And I'll bet that you need someone who is able to strengthen, ignite, develop, inspire, and also ENTERTAIN.

Great! That's my specialty.

I am an award-winning, 100% clean comedian, motivational speaker, and author. . .which probably doesn't mean as much to you as, I know how to help you get RESULTS while having a BLAST!

People book me for one simple reason - I'm FUNNY! After years of being on the road, developing my craft and discovering what matters most to event planners, I have found the "sweet spot" of balancing a powerful message with a unique blend of show, humor, and motivation.  

My Message 

Transforming Ordinary Into Extraordinary. 

Through the power of connection to impact, inspire, and influence. Making meaningful connections within yourself, people, business, and customers to achieve top level, personal and professional results.

What I Do

I help organizations impact their industry, inspire their teams, and influence their customers through the power of connection. I believe that connection is the distance between ordinary and extraordinary. It is more than just simply involving people and it is certainly more than just communicating. When connection is the priority we increase happiness, decrease stress, embrace change, and build leaders with ease.

‚ÄčI wake up with one goal in mind, to always leave a room full of people better than I found them. As someone with a background in both community and social services, as well as a career in stand up comedy, I probably have an advantage to accomplishing this goal on a daily basis. Laughter is disarming and engaging, not to mention, my favorite way to connect. When you can make people laugh they begin having fun and if they are having fun then they are paying attention.

This theory works whether I'm explaining homework to my son or delivering a creative keynote to eight hundred healthcare employees. I have found that no matter how valuable the content of a keynote is, if no one is listening then nothing is actually being accomplished. However, I have also found that when you take a powerful piece of information and deliver it through laughter, something entirely different happens. Magic!

In today's challenging economy, with the war on talent and the battle for customers and market share, it has never been more important to embrace the philosophy of being better together. This is true for the teams we lead and for ourselves. So, let's do it! Let's laugh together as we take your organization from ordinary to extraordinary. Allow me to customize your goals into a message of humor and motivation that is sure to be unforgettable. Let me help you grow and invest in the greatest asset that your organization has ever had. . .its people!

Event Planners

Event Planner Feedback:

"Lisa was a delight to work with for our 2016 Administrative Professionals Conference.  Our audience of  more than 400 people loved her and gained a rapport with her very quickly.  She provided important messages about personal and professional development in a humorous and down to earth presentation.  People were laughing immediately!"  Becky Garnett - Program Director, Midlands Technical College 

Personal Note from Event Planner:

"Lisa, thanks again for a wonderful day. The group loved you!  On the evaluation, there was a range of 1-4 for each speaker,  4 being the highest,  and you received all 4’s! It was a pleasure working with you." Becky Garnett - SC 2016 Administrative Professionals Conference

Comments from Attendee Evaluations:

Speakers were fantastic!

Love Lisa Mills’ energy. 

Entertaining – good choice for keynote.

Enjoyed Lisa Mills tremendously.


*Please note that all Keynotes are tailored and customized with your goals and objectives in mind. Here are a just few suggestions of Lisa's most requested ones that are getting rave reviews.




*Making the Most of Today in Order to Get the Best of Tomorrow

At some point, personally or professionally, we've all wanted to hit the brakes and start over. However, the key is to make the most of right where you are today. I'll share how my unique experience of growing up in a trailer park led to years later, sitting in my makeup trailer on the set of a hit television show. We'll discuss how the fifteen years in between, while pursing excellence in a traditional career, led me to uncover how to connect better, work smarter, deal with difficult people, and stand out in a crowded market. Let's have a BLAST while discovering how accomplishing each one of these in your everyday life can move you forward and lead to opportunities of a lifetime!



*Cultivating an Environment Where People Readily Give Their Best

We all want to feel valued and yet, many of us feel overworked and under-appreciated. I'll share four powerful secrets hidden in the art of improvisation that will help you balance competing priorities, build stronger teams, increase productivity, and develop remarkable customer service. Let's discover the four secrets to unlocking your inner Monday morning star player! 



*Discovering the Recipe for Exceptional Customer Service

Just like creating a gourmet meal, there are several ingredients needed when creating exceptional customer service. While each one of these ingredients are important, I'll share the ONE ingredient that is absolutely essential. Let's laugh our way to discovering the difference-maker needed to consistently create and implement five-star customer service!




*Great for teachers in-services, instructor or support staff development, education associations, etc.


Today, educators not only carry the mantle of building tomorrow’s leaders, but they also carry the burden to do it in a way that is bigger, brighter, and better than ever. Many of them also face challenges that have very little to do with educating. Building successful partnerships with parents, administrators, support staff, school boards, and even fellow educators can be an overwhelming obstacle to their classroom and career success. I’ll share four powerful strategies to building successful relationships through the power of connection and the principles of comedy. Let’s laugh our way to discovering four secrets that will encourage, empower, entrust, and expose the leader within every member of your team! 




*Great for healthcare associations, hospitals, nurses, departments of public health, healthcare executives, administrators, support staff, etc.


Today, the world of healthcare providers consist of an array of professionals all working toward leading and serving in a way that brings excellence to the forefront of their mission. Many of them face daily obstacles that have very little to do with health in a traditional sense. Embracing constant changes, developing strong teams, becoming more methodical and detail oriented, while also remaining genuinely compassionate toward those they lead and serve can be overwhelming. Through the power of connection and the principles of comedy I’ll share four powerful strategies for exchanging this work-life stress for work-life success. Let’s laugh our way to discovering four secrets that will encourage, empower, entrust, and expose the star player within every member of your team!



*Great for community action agencies, crisis centers, family, child and school social workers, social service directors, assistants, and support staff. 

 After years of working with social services and community focused nonprofits, I have discovered one simple truth: The "why" is what drives these teams to pursue excellence! It's not enough for your team to only know the "what" and "how" of their job. I'll share how understanding the "why" of your organization at a transferable level, will allow you to harness the true potential of your team who has been tasked with bringing that mission to life. Using the principles of comedy and the power of connection, we'll also dive into four powerful strategies for overcoming the obstacles that stand in the way of their work-life success. Let's laugh our way to discovering these strategies that are sure to strengthen your teams, create higher productivity, develop personal job satisfaction, and enrich your organization's customer service experience. 



Join Lisa on an adventure as she shares, through her unique southern charm and laser-sharp wit, everything from showing up at potluck dinners with a half eaten bag of Oreos to spending the first year of marriage without sleeping just to keep her husband from finding out she snores! This program is perfect for the group who just wants to feel validated, appreciated and inspired while laughing themselves silly. *This hilarious, one-woman show style presentation is great for nonprofit, corporate, and faith based groups of women.


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