Vegetarian Bears

I’m online searching for a tech company when luckily, I find one where I live. Perfect! Not sure why them being local makes me feel better, but it does. Maybe because I know nothing about things of the mysterious electronic interwebs and I’m sure that I will need to visit their office often.

As I began scrolling through my social media to follow (okay, stalk) this local tech company, I noticed something - they haven’t made a single post on their Twitter or Facebook account in over a year! What?

A technology company that has no social media presence is like a bear who’s a vegetarian. . .they’re hard to trust.

Look, I know that I’m no Steve Jobs, but if your company specializes in technology then I need to know you can retweet. It just makes me feel better.

We live in a world of perpetual preoccupation. We have a lot to get done. It’s hard to focus. We’re busy. Believe me, I understand. But when you can’t deliver YOUR goods and services for YOUR own self, how can I ever expect that you will deliver them for me?

Unfortunately, this happens more times than you think. Well, just think about it. Have you ever seen a hairdresser with messy hair and long roots? What about a contractor with an unfinished bathroom? Sure, you have.

I’m certain there’s a valid reason for all of these scenarios, however, that’s a different post for a different day. The issue here is that you’re not instilling confidence in your customers. People do business with those they believe, like, and trust. It’s hard to trust that someone will do for you (a stranger) what they won’t even do for themselves. You must make time to reflect on who or what you are about. It’s more than branding or selling. . .it’s promising. Most of us want to trust people in life who are bold enough to make a promise and business is no different.

Whether I’m doing comedy or speaking, my business is based on the power of connection and engagement. That’s what I’m promising. When you contact me, I respond as promptly as possible with a warm follow up. And when you call but I’m unavailable, even my voicemail sounds like we are face-to-face. My goal is to have an interaction with you that begins the process of believing, liking, and trusting. I also take great care to reach out and make or maintain connections with others. Not for the sake of networking (which is about me), but instead, connecting (which is about us). My business’ promise is modeled throughout someone’s entire experience with me – from the initial call to the event’s post call/email interview. If I am promising to help your audience become highly engaged and better connected, then it’s in my best interest that your experience with me reflects that as well.

The same is true for any other business. And if it isn’t, well, then at least you have a good idea of what you’re working with up front. I’d just advise you to keep an eye on the bear eating kale.

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Lisa Mills is a nationally touring, award-winning, clean comedian and funny motivational speaker who is known for her dynamic keynote programs on the power of connection and engagement. She is based out of Atlanta, GA. For full bio, programs, and other information, please visit

posted 01/27/2017 in General Interest

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