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Lisa writes article for Courageous Woman Magazine

Psalm 91:16 - With Long Life I will satisfy him and show him my salvation

SIX MINUTES!!! I stood in the Kroger parking lot for six minutes while I thought to myself, "Now Lisa, c'mon you can do this. Where would you be if you were a green Toyota?"

All I could think was just how days before I started to buy some vitamins that claimed to support memory health but decided that I was much too young for such a purchase. But how right now, I would tear the cap off the bottle with my teeth an inhale a handful of them if I thought they would help me find my car. Since I couldn't seem to locate it in a reasonable amount of time and since people had begun to stare, I did what any self-respecting woman of forty years of age would do. I curbed my cart full of groceries and pretended to take an unexpected call on my cell phone as I also continued scanning the parking lot for my car! God is the giver of life. His desire for you  and me is to live a long fruitful one. Although society sometimes paints an unflattering picture of aging, we know that the alternative is worse. To not age means to not be here and yes, that is absolutely worse. The reality is that age accompanies the most beautiful things that life has to offer. No one has the privilege of appreciating endless true love, a lifelong friend, or an adoring grandchild without the gift of aging. Decide today to embrace your age. Live whatever number that you happen to be with great appreciation. You haven't seen anything yet. YOUR BEST IS YET TO COME. 


See article in courageous Woman Magazine.

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