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"You Can Bank On It" on Courageous Woman Magazine

I woke up feeling vulnerable, exposed, and bare. No, not physically. I sleep with more clothes on than most people wear when hiking a mountain in the winter. It’s just that I opened my eyes and immediately became aware of being emotionally uncomfortable. Have you ever felt this way? Just out-of-sorts for some reason. No matter who you are, this is never a good feeling.

I got up and went through my normal routine without being able to shake this feeling. Coffee didn’t perk it up, work didn’t distract from it, and music didn’t make it go away. I even tried eating something really tasty – and ladies, when chocolate and peanut butter don’t work, well, you have a serious problem.

So, I did what I do best. I dug to find the root. I’m a firm believer that if you can find the root then you can find the answer. When I began to reflect on what could have led me to feel so exposed and anxious, it hit me! It wasn’t just one isolated incident. You see, I have been working toward several writing deadlines and have been pouring myself out with each project. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but if you are continuously pouring out, you will soon run out. The only exception to this rule is if you are pouring in at the same time. I have been so focused on getting these deadlines met that I have been neglecting to replenish the very thing that I was drawing from, and consequently, was depleting. I have been so busy making internal withdrawals that I haven’t taken the time to balance them with necessary deposits.

Actually, I probably should be grateful for this feeling that I’ve been dealing with today. Like most things that make us uncomfortable, it has been an indicator that something needs to be corrected. Instead of trying to ignore it, I will adjust and make the necessary deposits. I will stop and take time to nourish my faith and feed my soul. After all, that is the investment that has always held my greatest return.

How about you? Are you feeling insecure, anxious, or worn? Trust me when I say, that you are just one soul deposit away from feeling whole again.

See the article on Courageous Woman Magazine.

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